A Very Short Story About Carbon-14

Here’s my favorite (can you have just one favorite?) story about an isotope: Carbon-14.  Elements in the periodic table have the same number of protons and neutrons, but some reactions result in atoms possessing more neutrons than protons, or an isotope of that element. In the Earth’s atmosphere, 99% is 12-C (the “normal” Carbon) with trace amounts of […]

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Introducing AUV Sentry

Our time at sea on the R/V Atlantis with DSV-Alvin and AUV-Sentry was a life-changing experience, and I want to share it with you in as many forms as possible: photos, video, gifs, and graphs–the works! We have been blessed with hundreds of photos, data points, and video footage of time at sea floor, but […]

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Mooring success! Jackpot!

Drum roll…. WE RETRIEVED THE MOORING!!! Earlier today our team successfully retrieved a mooring with equipment to measure the physical properties of the water, and larval traps to collect the planktonic forms of deep-sea invertebrates. The command was sent to the acoustic release at the base of the mooring, and within a few minutes the […]

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A day in the life of Alvin

Yesterday we spent a total of 9 hours in DSV Alvin exploring a methane seep site at approximately 1,200 meters depth. I’ve had a few folks ask questions about Alvin, so this is my best attempt to answer them! Please don’t hesitate to ask your own questions about our time in the manned submersible.  How […]

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Leave your modesty on the deck

We’ve been at sea for just over 24 hours, and the weather could not be more perfect: sunny, clear skies, calm wind, and gentle seas. The briefings and meetings continue, with an intense laser focus on safety. Our teams performed drills for different hazardous scenarios both on the ship, as well as inside Alvin. Being […]

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