The EggLab’s List of Links for Internships, Jobs, and Graduate Programs in Marine Science

As a volunteer and frequent speaker to undergraduates and the general public, I get a lot of questions about becoming a marine scientist. The answer to that question is always easy: get experience! Yet the reality can be much harder, and for many, they’re not sure where to even start. Never fear, the EggLab’s List of Links is here! This post acts as a springboard to help you identify programs of interest and discover opportunities in nearly every aspect marine science. Talk to as many researchers/mentors/experienced graduate students as possible about internships and programs that you’re keen to pursue, and maintain contact with them through email, phone, or catch up over coffee. When you discover a potential program, do you homework on the guidelines, eligibility requirements, and application to ensure you know what to expect.

The list is a collection of resources accumulated over the years by me and other graduate students in our marine lab (thank you Shannon, Pat, and Olivia!), and  is a great way to get started on your marine science search. There’s something for everyone from high school to post doc to professional positions, and we hope it’s a helpful first step in a long, successful marine science career.

The EggLab’s List of Links*!

* List may be updated with more opportunities as they appear throughout the year, or when we discover cool, new resources.

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